Sixtina Friedrich is a Crystal Jewelry Designer Mystic, Crystal Jewelry Creatresse & Modern Shamanesse

Sixtina followed the Sufi Path of Islamic Mysticism for 30 years and studied Comparative Religion at NYU.
She’s also practiced Classical Homeopathy for 30 years and recently added Access Consciousness Bars to her healing repertory.
Sixtina Crystal Jewelry Designer
sirius bliss crystal generator grid

Sirius Bliss Crystal Generator Grid by Sixtina Friedrich

Ethereal Beings From Other Dimensions

Sixtina considers being a Mother to 3 beautiful daughters the most mystical and rewarding, and at the same time, the most challenging, and therefore, evolving experience in her life.

She had a very potent experience with Ethereal Beings from other Dimensions about 4 years ago who introduced her to crystals and crystal grids.

Since then she has been passionate about creating spiritual crystal jewelry that assists people on their path to Ascension and Self-Realization.

Her Blissnecklaces spiritually interact with different energies of Angels, Ascended Masters and Higher Dimensional Beings. She matches the jewelry pieces with her clients’ energy fields. The crystal jewelry brings balance to a person’s energy field and often procures experiences of joy and bliss.

Her spiritual crystal jewelry can be found here on and on her Facebook page – where her crystal grids are also featured and regularly updated.

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